About Kyoto

Kyoto is a city with rich cultural heritage in Japan. It is known for its numerous ancient temples and shrines, including the famous Kiyomizu-dera and Yasakapagoda (Hokan-ji). Visitors can experience traditional Japanese culture by participating in tea ceremonies, wearing kimono, and strolling through well-preserved historical districts like Gion. Kyoto is also a paradise for foodies, with its unique cuisine such as kaiseki, tofu, and matcha sweets. In short, Kyoto is a perfect destination for those who wish to immerse themselves in Japanese traditions and culture.

For more detailed information, Please visit the KYOTO CITY OFFICIAL TRAVEL GUIDE.

Kyoto International Conference Center

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The National Kyoto International Conference Center is a world-class venue for conferences located in the beautiful city of Kyoto, Japan. The facility features a large main hall that can accommodate up to 1,840 individuals, as well as numerous conference rooms of various sizes and high-speed internet. It takes about 20 minutes from Kyoto Station to the Kokusaikaikan Station, the closest station to the venue, on the Karasuma Subway Line.


Access to ICC Kyoto can be obtained from the official website. More information will be provided as the exhibition dates approach.

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